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Jodeliz Cora

"Be a vibe! Be your vibe! By learning to love yourself you allow the universe to love you as well. Once you start healing and accept certain truths, your light starts to shine and attract positivity and abundance. By loving you, you develop a closer relationship with spirit. By loving spirit, you finally realize how much your blessed honey!"

- Love, Jode


Jodeliz Cora is a certified Life Skills Coach with certifications by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and a the Korn Ferry Leadership Institute. Coaching individuals in the city of Boston since 2018, she focused her trajectory towards empowering young girls and women to navigate life's challenges. Realizing her sweetspot of "not Puerto Rican enough for the Puerto Ricans, but Not black enough for the blacks", she found her niche and sweat spot of loving who she is, just the way she is. In 2020, She published her book "Liberty is HER", a collection of stories of women whom beaten adversity. She then launched her company "Love Jode LLC" and has toured the country public speaking, advocating and training on matters of mental health, women's empowerment, spirituality and latinaX issues. Her mission is to inspire personal growth and resilience by empowering individuals to embrace their full potential on their path to success.


Liberty is HER

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